Twitter Marketing Secrets for Musicians to Build Following

Today we’re going to be talking about Twitter marketing secrets for musicians to build following without having to use all the automated kind of like spammy bot machines. That usually everyone uses.

1: Follow the Trends

So the first thing is basically you need to follow along with the trends in your kind of niche or kind of music scene. So you need to be tracking the bands and their followers and who’s following them. And then you know what everyone’s talking about. What’s going on in your niche? And then you need to make your music really easy to share. So you really only have to try and follow people who are already into your kind of music. And you can do that by following the people who have most recently followed your favorite bands or bands that sound like you.

2: Tweet Other Bands

Tweet some other bands. You need to talk about music bloggers and blog posts. And you know everything else in the niche. So that you’re kind of like the hub of information. There you have to stay consistent on the topic. The whole time you can post a few things about your personal life. If you really want to you know that gives people kind of a more like a deeper connection with you. But really you need to be talking about your music. You need to be kind of like the Santa Claus and your niche. So every time you show up, you know you’re giving your fans a free gift.

So you know they’ll be happy to see you. You don’t need to post too much. You have to pick the best stuff you have and poster out to the world. And you need to tell a story about your band like everyone gets into stories. And they people connect with stories.

3: Post Consistent

You need to post consistent that you have consistency in your tweets. Which means you need to post maybe the same amount of twins tweets every day. You need to post like every couple of hours or three or four times a day not all in the same big bursts.

4: Advertise Your Twitter

And you need to advertise your twitter everywhere. So you need to put it on your blog like a widget which you can get from which you can get from twitter. You can just paste that into your blog with a bit of code and you need to put it on your all flyers. You need to tell people about your gigs. And you know you can even put it on your album or whatever.

You can also buy Twitter followers to expand the network of your followers. But make sure that you buy only quality followers not bots.

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