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loss weight with Instagram
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In this blog post I’m going to be talking to you today the tips on how to lose weight using Instagram account that really helped me out. I’ve recently created my weight loss one to support me in my journey and I did this after being inspired by what I’ve seen on that using Instagram. In this way it helps me to engage with the weight loss community in a way that I wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

So for example when I go to the gym I don’t really speak to anyone because I’m not focused on my work out and everyone’s wearing headphones anyway. So it’s kind of not really the place to discuss weight loss ironically.

On Instagram you can congratulate people on their weight loss without with being a little bit weird. It’s really good to be able to ask people to tips or for their methods and everyone’s really supportive as well.

Of course Instagram does have its downsides. For example no I don’t want to model your clothing. Yeah I appreciate that a lot better now that I’ve lost weight. But I’m under no illusion whatsoever that I’m model material.

One of the big things for me on Instagram is the recipes. They’re really easy you can look at the finished product and it doesn’t cost a thing. So you know you buy a recipe book and it ends up sat on your bookshelf for four years and you never look at it.

But at least with Instagram you constantly see new recipes and you can see the method
and it’s just a much easier way of learning more about food. And now that Instagram have made their videos long be can actually see recipes being creative with in a blitz.

Not only that but seeing all the different types of food on Instagram with all the people that I’m
following its inspired me to try new things try different foods a bit more. And that interns help me to work out work and fit into my macros as well.

Sometimes 180 out of avoid eating certain foods. Just because I know I’m going to take a picture them another want to put monies to grandma look like a fat pig. So I’ll choose healthy foods thanks into the ground but blogging pictures of my own food as well. So it motivates me a little bit more to eat healthfully because again I know that they’re going to be on Instagram. People might judge me out on them.

I also find Instagram really helpful for workout tips. So for example the machines in the gym. I had no idea how to use before. So I just went on Instagram research them and now we can
use them as good as the rest of them. So it’s really helping to shape up my workout as well.

Sometimes you just want a bit of motivation and there’s nothing better than going onto Instagram. And just finding some pictures that are just going to motivate you and spur you on and just give you that little bit of a push. So for example when you see a transformation of a real genuine person just like yourself that’s really inspiring and really motivating. And there’s so many accounts out there.

And for example the big ones that show people’s transformations and that’s all the show and then you’ve got the individual personal ones of people showing their own transformations and I
find that really motivating. And a special venom Avenue maybe an off day or a fancy a cheat day or I think or maybe I’ll go to the gym with my phone out of a quick look scans for anything. I’ll do it today how goes to the gym.

I won’t have that extra chocolate bar or that chocolate bar at all. With a lot of these people you know that they’ve gone through the same things as you. Especially if their swords the other end of their journey and that can help motivate you as well. Because you know that they have experienced similar things and they like days where they didn’t really feel like working out. So
it just makes me think well if they can
do it I can do it.

One of my favorites actually is one of the more well-known Instagramers is Danny Underscore Get Fit and he went from being absolutely huge to he’s like super fit now. He is from Canada a really nice guy as well as his postural was really motivating really inspiring. And just his transformation it’s where I want to be. So that’s kind of why I mean for and that’s how other Instagramers motivating me to succeed and to reach my goals.

I find Instagram really good for tracking your own program. I said before I prefer following the small timers and it’s really easy to have access to those people by just following the hashtags
for example some of my favorite hashtag weight loss.

If you’re trying to find how to lose weight and you don’t already have an Instagram account and absolutely get one. Because it’s just another tool that can help to motivate and inspire you and push you and allow you to see some genuine real life transformations from people who have been an exact same place in I’ve been there I’m going through it and Instagram helped me.

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