How to Use Instagram for Marketing Your Business | Best 5 Tips

In this post we will talk about how you can use Instagram for marketing your business. Instagram has been around for a while now. But it’s generally everybody’s favorite platform, to try and conquer, to try and gain loads of followers, to try and sort of reach out to everybody. And right now is an extremely good way to grow your business.

I’m going to explain you how you can grow your business using Instagram. So I’m going to share with you my five biggest tips to grow in your business on Instagram. Getting loads of followers and creating loads of sales.

1: Following the Right Audience

So tip number one is following the right audience. There’s no point in following 5,000 random people that have no relevance to your business. They’re not going to purchase your products and you’re not going to make any sales. So what you need to do is you need to find five of your biggest competitors that are doing extremely well. And you want to start following and interacting with their audience that following them. Because if your niche is similar to theirs, they’re gonna like what your profile has to offer, what your website has to offer. And they should purchase what you have to offer. So follow the right audience.

2: Hashtags

My second biggest tip is hashtags. You’ve probably been told this before. But people say use 13 hashtags with your posts and I agree with that. However if you’re using hashtags such as love and like people, like famous people like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift are probably using these hashtags. So when you search a hashtag such as love or like these popular actors, singers, role models, public figures will be in the top nine boxes when you search on Instagram.

Because they’re getting the highest engagement. It’s not about choosing the biggest hashtag. It’s about staying the top nine boxes for your niche relevant hashtag. So in reality you need to choose something that’s being searched a lot that’s not being used a lot so. For example if you own a men’s clothes store, a hashtag that would be the most popular on the top of my head would be clothing that would not happen. You would not be able to rank for this hashtag because brands like River Island and many other will all be using this hashtag. As well they’re gonna be in the top nine boxes on the news feed.

So you’re gonna need to find something similar to this such as buy men’s clothing with a hashtag or clothing store online with a hashtag. Yes it’s a smaller hashtag but these people are directly searching. And you will be in the top nine boxes. Because other brands such River Island aren’t using these. So what you’re doing is you’re picking off the lower competition and you’re creating revenue for your business using just hashtags.

3: Getting Engagements

Okay so now I have tip number three. And that is getting engagements. This also correlates to tip number two and tip number one. Because how Instagram ranked their algorithm to get in these top nine boxes when you search a hashtag is engagement likes and comments is what throws it to the top. It’s what helps you stay there all day. It’s what helps you get profile clicks, website clicks and then sales. So how do we get engagement it’s extremely simple.

As you’ve already followed tip number one which is following your competitor’s audience. We simply engage with what they’re posting. Giving them likes and comments and they will do the same. Because if they like your competitors stuff they’re going to like your stuff. So that is extremely simple. That is how you generate engagement. This won’t just generate you direct sales from them. Because they like your product. This will also give you an Instagram ranking boost. So we can then start ranking for bigger hashtags that are getting more search volume. Which will create us more sales.

4: Posting High Quality Photos

Now I will discuss tip number four which is posting high quality photos. I mean guys there is no point in having an ironclad marketing strategy using hashtag rankings on Instagram if you’re posting poor content bottom line. Whoever post the best content deserves to get the most sales. I mean we can use every trick in the book. We can use hashtag rankings. We can get engagement from. We can steal their audience effectively. But if we haven’t got the content, we won’t get the sales. So whether you invest a thousand pounds on a camera, or whether you use every app out there on your iPhone or Samsung to take the best photos possible. It has to be done. It’s not optional guys it’s a necessity.

So check the studies out for yourself on Google. Google will tell you how much click-through rate and how much more likes and engagement you will get from using just simple brighter photos. It is from when I last check I think it was seventy-seven percent on average when you’re using brighter photos. So make sure you post great photos right.

5: Creating Amazing Bio

Now we will talk about tip number five which is creating an amazing bio with your photos. Guys there’s no point in having an amazing photo with three words on the end of it, with an emoji, with a love heart, or a arm up or something like that. Guys people don’t just want to look at your photos. They want to know what your photos are about. They need to know who you are from the beginning and who you are now and where you’re going to be in the future.

Guys people don’t just buy from brands because they like their products. They buy from brands because they like them. The brands create a personality. You need to create a personality within your brand. And you can do this by simply using great descriptive BIOS.

So that’s my five biggest tips guys. Don’t think about it. Don’t sleep on it. Don’t say I’ll do it next week or next month or next year. If you do not apply these strategies, you will not grow your business on Instagram.

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