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Do you want to know how to use Instagram to get more clients for your fitness business? Today we’re going to talk about how Instagram can change your fitness business to get more leads and prospects and clients into your gym boot camp or personal training studio.

Instagram is the big 800-pound gorilla these days. It wasn’t just a couple years ago it is today. And so you want to make sure that you’re on top of it. So what do you do with Instagram that you can’t do with Facebook? Instagram has designed their whole platform for short bits of information at a time. So it’s one minute videos or less pictures and of course 15-second story lines. And so how do you use that to your benefit?

Very simple you want quick digestible pieces of content to position you. And if you are the person who is known to help people lose weight, get fit build muscle tone, transform their body and live happier healthier lives, then that is the person who’s going to make more money than all other Fitness businesses.

So here’s what I’m going to teach you right now the Instagram five-four-three rule. And you’re going to love this rule so much. Because you’re going to get leads prospects and clients all day long when you follow this program.

1: Use Instagram Stories

Every day you’re going to use the Instagram stories 5 times a day. You’re going to pull up your Instagram. Go to your storage section and literally as your clients are working out. Just do a quick little thing who you are, what you’re doing right now and why you’re doing it.

What you’re doing is you’re putting people in a position to take a peek into your life. And so by putting out five stories a day on Instagram you are really starting to position yourself as the expert. And the authority in your niche.

2: Post Pictures or Video

So four times a day you’re going to post up pictures or one-minute video. So you decide whether you want to do a one-minute video a 30-second video or you might just take a picture. And post it up with some kind of an inspirational motivational thing for Instagram.

3: Go Live on Instagram

Three times a day you’re going to go live. So you might go live and just go into a mindset thing or let them know how to avoid high carb or high-fat foods. When they’re out at restaurants used to be that the Instagram live videos disappear the moment. You’re done now. They stick around for an entire 24 hours. Which means you’re getting a lot of longevity out of those videos.

I hope this really worked for you. I know that if you put it into action you will get more leads.You can also read 5 Best Instagram Marketing Tips to grow your business fast.

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